An Introduction of Music

A pamphlet Plus 2 CDs
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  • This pamphlet is an introduction to Persian classical and folk musics. Its first part is devoted to a discussion of Persian classical music and introduces the readers to such concepts as the radif and the dastgah as well as the genres and instruments of this musical culture. A major section of this part is devoted to introducing the features and important figures of various styles of Persian classical music, from the Qajar period up to the present time. The second part of this pamphlet is an introduction to folk musics (Māzandarāni, Gilāni, Khorāsāni, Kurdish, etc.) and briefly discusses the main features and repertories of these musical cultures. This pamphlet includes two CDs containing musical samples representing various styles and repertories of Persian classical and folk musics.

    (Plus 2 CDs)
  • Published [08/12/2009]


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