Qashqayi Dances

Collected & Researched by: Mansureh Sabetzadeh
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Karna: Ganj Ali Salmanizadeh
Naqareh: Peyman Salmanizadeh
Collected & Researched by: Mansureh Sabetzadeh

 Types of Qashqayi Dances
Qashqayi dances are played in an open circle without leader, but with a soloist. Hands of dancers are moved by the tune of karma, while the feet follow the rhythm of naqareh. Despite the slowness of feet movement, the hand movements are made peculiar by taking white or colored kerchiefs but the movements are without vast diversity. Another peculiarity is the absence of physical touch in the dance, as well as chain-like maqams proceeding from slow to fast tempi (almost 7/8, 2/4, 6/4, 6/8) with women taking the major part in them. So we can classify the dances into male and female types. Dances from neighboring ethnic group do not seem to have popularity among Qashqayis. But one can detect the influence of cyclic dances of Loris and Kurds. The dance maqams of Qashqayi usually begin with an introductory song. Some tribes have their own peculiar dance and is called after the name of the tribe. Occasionally there are dances with equivalents among other tribes. Mojassameh is one of these dances. ...

Published [05/08/2004]

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